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Leeds United Legends: Gaetano ‘The Lion’ Berardi

Football is a sport of personalities, of heroes. Fans on the terraces want to cheer for their heroes on that big bit of green in front of them. And while Leeds fans up to their 30s and even 40s might have pretty poor memories of the clubs glory days, they are probably also sick of hearing about heroes they never saw play in the flesh. One player who is the definition of a modern Leeds icon, though, is Gaetano Berardi.

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Marching on Together - Song Origins

As the first of several posts on the songs sung on the terraces of Elland Road and across the country, we want to take a look at Marching on Together. How did this chant come to be? And why does it hold such a special place in the hearts of fans all across the Yorkshire region? 

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Allan ‘Sniffer’ Clarke

The history of Leeds United has been one of many successes, but part of what makes Leeds so great is the clubs history for developing stars such as Allan (Sniffer) Clarke.

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