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Marching on Together - Song Origins

LUFC Songs: Marching on Together

One of the most satisfying things about football is watching the fans interact with the team. The term supporters might feel a touch tired these days, but that is the aim of the crowd: to support the team on the pitch.

And for Leeds United, the support of the fans has been there through thick and thin. From fans who grew up with tales of the teams of the 1960s through to the 1990s to those who were born during the capitulation of the early 2000s, the support has been essential. And a big part of that support has shone through in song, including the famous Marching On Together chant.

As the first of several posts on the songs sung on the terraces of Elland Road and across the country, we want to take a look at Marching on Together. How did this chant come to be? And why does it hold such a special place in the hearts of fans all across the Yorkshire region?

Leeds United Marching on Together

Marching On Together, or MOT, is one of the most important songs in Leeds history. You can listen to a proud rendition of the song here, and see why this has become one of the catchiest chants in the English football lexicon. (video clip courtesy of Lewis Deighton (@LewisDeighton17). 

Played before kick-off and at the start of the second half, it is common for every Leeds fan in the stadium to stand up and sing along. In many ways, this is our version of a You’ll Never Walk Alone. It’s an anthem that has been blaring in the ears of Leeds fans, and our rivals, since 1972. And it shows no signs of going anywhere anytime soon!

Marching on Together Lyrics

The lyrics to MOT are catchy, simple, and very much what any fan should be looking for in a football chant. Not sure what the words are? They are as follows:

Here we go with Leeds United,

We're gonna give the boys a hand

Stand up and sing for Leeds united

They are the greatest in the land,


Everyday, we're all gonna say

We love you Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!

Everywhere, we're gonna be there

We, love you Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!

Marching On Together!

We're gonna see you win

Na na na na na na

We are so proud

We shout it out loud we love you Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!


We've been through it all together

And we've had our ups and downs (UPS AND DOWNS!)

We're gonna stay with you forever

At least until the world stops going round


Everyday, we're all gonna say we love you Leeds!Leeds!Leeds!

Everywhere, we're gonna be there

We, love you Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!

Marching On Together!


We're gonna see you win

Na na na na na na

We are so proud

We shout it out loud we love you

Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!

We are so proud, we shout it out Loud we love you


Of course, the popularity of the song in the city is so visible that MOT is not just a Leeds United song – you will typically hear it at Leeds Rhinos games, too. There are some interesting fan variants, too; for one, some fans leave out the ‘na na na’ section and instead focus on simply clapping along. Controversial to some, for some odd reason!

The lyrics might differ depending on what generation of fan you are talking to. In general, though, if you stick on with the above you are pretty much in a safe place!

Who wrote Marching on Together?

The song itself was written by Les Reed and Barry Mason, and was sung by the 1972 team and some supporters. Indeed, the song was originally a B-Side to coincide with the team reaching the 1972 FA Cup Final. The A-Side, Leeds United, is still a very popular song – but MOT has probably become the club’s major anthem.

The song achieved a little bit of success, and was in the UK Singles Charts for three months – reaching a peak of 10th. Not bad for a football chant being blared out ahead of a Cup Final appearance!

Now you know why MOT holds such a special place in the Leeds songbook, why not check out our growing list of awesome Leeds merchandise that relates to MOT, too, including our 'World Stops' Leeds United hoodies and our T-shirts. Let’s keep marching on together!